One Million Households Equipped with BT Sport

August 12, 2013

BT Sport has announced that more than one million households have signed up to BT Sport since accepting orders on May 10.

That figure includes BT broadband customers who receive the new sports channel without any additional cost to their monthly bill.

BT Sport is considered to be a real threat to the dominance of Sky Sports News and has secured 38 Premier League matches, ed Ultimate Fighting Championship coverage, cialis Aviva Premiership games and more.

John Petter, asthma BT Consumer managing director said: “We are thrilled with the initial interest shown in BT Sport and the viewing figures to date. To have a million households onboard before the Barclays Premier League has even begun is terrific.

“We always said that BT Sport would help us retain and attract broadband customers and that is proving to be the case. We are rewarding our customers for their loyalty and the strategy is working.

“It is clear that many customers want BT Sport as well as Sky Sports. The good news for those customers is that they can do exactly that, and save a lot of money by taking our broadband and getting BT Sport for free.”

BT previously said the sports channel was a key part of their strategy in retaining and growing their broadband customers.