Olympic Sponsors Coca-Cola & Samsung See Best Social Media Performance at London 2012

By Community | August 10, 2012

Olympic sponsors Coca-Cola and Samsung are benefitting most out of the olympics after having the best social media performance according to business information group, health Precise.

In looking at the different ways people were referring to the brands on blogs, help forums, Twitter, Facebook, videos and images, both brands had the greatest share of voice and sentiment.

The research conducted by Precise – carried out in the two weeks until 31 July covering the last days of the Torch Relay, the Opening Ceremony and the first few days of competition – found that sponsor sentiment scores range from +89 to -7. Samsung’s favourability is highest with a score of +89; McDonald’s is bottom of the table with -7 mainly due to negative comments and people questioning the fit of the events with the brand. Criticisms around the restrictions placed on what can be sold at Olympic venues have also harmed the brand.

Research also found 12 per cent of conversations about Coca-Cola and five per cent about Samsung directly mention the Torch Relay, the genuine engagement with the Relay had a positive increase on these brands. Coca-Cola’s prominent role in the Torch Relay managed to tap into the excitement around the games.

Samsung’s product placement within the Opening Ceremony was also found to have resonance, one third of messages mentioning Samsung have direct relation to the Opening Ceremony. Even though the brand name and logo was not in view, use of the phones proved to be the single most significant boost to the brand within social media.

Brand ambassadors have also played a role in the success of Samsung and Coca-Cola on social media. Samsung’s association with David Beckham and Zara Phillips, and support of athlete Jenna Randall, has also curried favour for the brand on social networks. Coca-Cola has also benefitted from its association with music artists Mark Ronson and Katy B.

Head of brand insight at Precise, James Withey, commented: “This summer of sport stands out as being the most social ever. Social media has seen explosive growth over the last few years. This provides the sponsors with new battleground for brand visibility, and a new way to measure the success of their investment.

“Investing in sponsorship does not automatically curry good favour. The winning brands will be those that are seen to play a meaningful role and bring real benefits to people.”