Olympic Sponsor P&G to Give 90pc of ’12 Tickets to Mums & Families

May 2, 2011

Olympic Sponsor P&G UK and Ireland is to give 90 per cent of its ticket allocation for the London 2012 Games to mums and families after research revealed that 70 per cent of mums in the UK did not apply to see the event in the public ballot.

Research by P&G showed that 47 per cent believed a large proportion of tickets would not be going to the public, and this prompted P&G to make the announcement that it would give away most of its allocation to mums and families.

P&G and former Olympic silver medallist swimmer Sharron Davies have highlighted the possibility to still get involved and get hands on tickets.

Davies stated: “As both a former Olympian and more importantly, a mother, I’m thrilled Great Britain will be hosting such a monumental event and feel passionately that people should try and be a part of it.

“Whilst this research suggests that some mums may feel they are unlikely to get tickets following the close of the official ballot, the reality is that there will be plenty of opportunities and I’m so glad to hear that P&G is encouraging families to get involved in the Games.

“And it’s brilliant that they are giving such a massive proportion of their tickets to the public.”

Of 15 per cent of those interviewed, some 1,005 mums with children under 16, thought the Games were aimed at the business community, with just 13 per cent believing it is for families.

“The Olympic and Paralympic Games really should be thought of as a family event, it’s a great chance to inspire and there’s something for everyone,” added Davies.

“With the Paralympic ballot opening later in the year and sponsors such as P&G pledging the majority of their tickets to families I’d encourage mums to look out for the many ways to get involved in seeing this once-in-a-lifetime event.”