Olympic Medallist Manteo Mitchell Endorses Incrediwear

September 10, 2013

Healthcare brand Incrediwear, a division of Star Nutrition, Inc. has announced they have signed an endorsement deal with United States Olympic sprinter Manteo Mitchell, who most recently won the Silver Medal in the London 2012 Olympics despite breaking his leg during his portion of the men’s 4×400 relay. 

Mitchell has been training with Incrediwear’s new TEC-3 calf sleeve, which the runner has credited with reducing his shin splint pain and improving his results on the track.

Like other Incrediwear products, the TEC-3 is woven with materials designed to increase blood flow when warmed by the body. This reduces pain, swelling and fatigue, while regulating temperature and wicking away moisture, resulting in improved performance and decreased recovery time.

“I’ve tried other sleeves and always seemed to have problems,” Mitchell says. “They would come off very easily, were difficult to adjust, or I felt like it was wearing me down. When I wear the Incrediwear TEC-3 sleeve, I don’t even know it’s there. But, I do know it’s working because I see it in my results. I have more energy, I’m less fatigued and I don’t have pain from shin splints anymore. Last year early in the season I ran a 32.7 in my 300-meter time trial. This year I was at 32.08 in April — and I wasn’t even in peak conditioning at that point in the season.”

Mitchell, one of the highest ranked sprinters in the world, rose to international prominence in the London 2012 Olympic Games when he famously broke his fibula 200 meters into his 400-meter leg of the men’s relay. He was able to continue and pass the baton, helping the United States win the Silver Medal.

“I’m so happy that I discovered the Incrediwear products,” Mitchell continues. “I’ve been wearing the TEC-3 in races, and that says a lot. Other runners keep coming up to me and asking what it is and if it works. I tell them, ‘absolutely it works!'”