Oliver Camps Quits as President of Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation after FIFA Enquiry

October 31, 2011

Oliver Camps, therapy the beleaguered president of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) has resigned his post with immediate effect after a 19-year reign.

The decision by Camps, impotent who was returned as president of the local federation earlier this year, comes less than 24 hours after it was revealed that he was one of 10 Caribbean Football Union (CFU) officials being investigated by the FIFA over their role in a meeting that eventually led to the downfall of former Asian football chief Mohammed bin Hammam.

FIFA’s Ethics Committee decided to open proceedings against the 10 CFU officials because of possible violations of the FIFA Code of Ethics, in the cash-for-votes scandal.

Camps and the other officials were due to have their cases heard in mid-November.

However, in a release yesterday, Camps said while he was extremely satisfied and pleased to offer himself for service, the current climate created by FIFA forced him to rethink his position and left him with no choice but to resign with immediate effect.

“I have truly enjoyed working with the football fraternity and appreciated the opportunities which have been given to me through football, but when the price one has to pay includes the sullying of one’s name and the denigrating of one’s character without a justifiable reason, then I must confess that this is not the place that I would want to be,” he said.

“For an organisation that claims to promote and practice fair play, the current situation has left me aghast because it represents a shift away from the values that FIFA claims it espouses. It is certainly a sad day for me and this is far from what I had expected. The changing of the guards was never meant to engender the bitterness that I feel, the pain which has replaced the pleasure of service, nor the disdain that FIFA’s actions have created for what ought to be a beautiful game.”

“In no way am I disappointed that I was a part of the Caribbean Football Union meeting which met to determine the path to choose a leader for the FIFA. The current situation facing the CFU now has made it very clear to me that our choice in meeting to discuss whether President Sepp Blatter would be the preferred option was the right one. History will not judge me for being a part of that meeting neither will it condemn me based on association. Rather history will applaud all the football leaders of the Caribbean and bring shame upon the powers that be, for the sad days they have occasioned upon the CFU and football in general.”