Octoshape to Help Stream the London 2012 Paralympic Games

August 2, 2012

Octoshape announced today that the International Paralympic Committee’s website will feature a groundbreaking new video player for the London 2012 Paralympic Games that uses a combination of technologies to integrate live footage and results in a single unified and synchronized view.

Developed by the IPC’s worldwide partner Atos and featuring Octoshape’s innovative technology, here the new Sport Media Application in Real Time (SMART) Player is the first of its kind and is set to revolutionize online streaming.

Viewers using the new SMART player will enjoy the signature features of Infinite HD-M powered experiences with significantly improved video quality and advanced features like Digital Video Recording (DVR), anabolics allowing viewers to pause and rewind live sporting action.

The linear video delivery for the London 2012 Paralympic Games will be delivered to consumers via Octoshape’s recently announced Infinite HD-M Federated Multicast Broadband TV platform. This technology enables the quality, scale and economics of traditional broadcast technologies over the public Internet. Telco and cable operators that are part of the Infinite HD-M Federated network receive signals via native IP Multicast in a way that allows them to easily manage large volumes of traffic without needing to upgrade their Internet capacity.

During London 2012 the IPC will live stream more than 780 hours of sporting action via five channels, two of which – streaming swimming and wheelchair basketball – will benefit from the SMART Player. As with previous Games, the IPC’s online action will be sponsored by worldwide partners Samsung and Visa.

“For London 2012 we are striving to provide the best possible video experience at www.paralympic.org,” said Craig Spence, Director of Media and Communications for the IPC. “We chose Octoshape to ensure an exceptional consumer video experience for the 780 hours of live coverage we will be streaming.”

“We are very excited to power this next generation experience for such an important initiative,” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “Our technology will enable audiences from around the world to view the London 2012 Paralympic Games in the highest quality and smoothest video playback.”