NRL Look to Mobile Streaming Deal

By Community | August 22, 2012

The Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) has announced that there is a possibility that National Rugby League (NRL) matches will be streamed on mobile devices in 2013.

The news comes only one day after the announcement of a historic billion dollar broadcasting deal with Channel Nine and Fox Sports.

Shane Mattiske, Interim Chief Executive at the ARLC said: “A key element of what was held out of the broadcast deals was our ability to deliver a stream that’s simultaneous to the broadcast signal to people for viewing over mobile devices.

“We’re in discussions now in terms of those media rights, we’re talking to a range of parties and we’re also considering whether or not the game should exploit these rights on its own rather than granting them to a third party.

“I think it’s something fans can expect to see in the 2013 season.”

Under the current broadcasting deal, live streaming is only allowed overseas, leaving Australian audiences to wait 24 hours after a game has finished.