NRL COO Jim Doyle to Become Warriors New Chief

By Community | June 3, 2014

National Rugby League’s Chief Operating Officer Jim Doyle has revealed he will step down from his role to become the new CEO of New Zealand Warriors.

Current Warriors CEO Wayne Scurrah has announced he will leave the club at the end of the season. Doyle will remain COO of the NRL until the end of 2014.

“I have to admit that my wife and I are a little homesick for New Zealand and are missing our time with our daughters who live there,” Doyle said in a statement on Tuesday.

“When the opportunity arose to join the Warriors as their next CEO, I knew it was the right decision for our family. It means we can return home but also stay within the rugby league community, which is a major part of our lives and the sport that both my wife and I are passionate about.”

Doyle, who was CEO of New Zealand Rugby League from 2009 to 2012, will have been working for the NRL for almost two years when he leaves.

“It was always my intention to return to New Zealand after two to three years, which I made clear to both the Commission and Dave Smith when I joined,” he said.

NRL Chief Executive Officer Dave Smith praised Doyle for his achievements.

“I cannot praise Jim enough for his contribution to the growth of rugby league and the important foundations he’s helping put in place to ensure this game becomes even healthier, stronger and more professional in the coming years,” Smith said in a statement.

“Jim has worked side-by-side with me to establish the highly-successfully Integrity Unit and establish proper processes and procedures to manage important whole-of-game issues across a range of areas including ASADA, player behaviour, player welfare and education and salary cap.

“Jim has also been a great mate since I joined the NRL and I am particularly pleased that he’s staying within the Rugby League family at the Warriors, which is a strong club.

“It is important for the NRL that people of Jim’s caliber are part of the game as the NRL drives further changes to club governance and standards in line with being a major sporting administration.”

The Head of Integrity & Compliance Unit, Nick Weeks, will continue to report to Doyle.

Smith said he will conduct an external search prior to Doyle’s departure.