NRL Clubs to Receive Additional Cash Grants from Next Season

October 15, 2013

National Rugby League (NRL) chief executive Dave Smith has revealed clubs will receive an extra $450,000 next season. The additional money comes as an advance from future club funding.

The additional cash increases the annual grants received by clubs from the governing body to $7.55 million. Smith says this decision has been made as part of a strategic overhaul of the game’s finances. The NRL administration will aim to generate substantial profits outside of broadcast revenues, which will allow club’s to focus on long-term stability and fund the game’s central administration.

Smith said: “We have already undertaken the most detailed benchmarking exercise in the game’s history.

“We have a chance now to give clubs certainty for 2014 and plan where we can most effectively invest in growing the game in the years ahead.

“The club council recognises the importance of what we are trying to achieve and has been supportive of the process we are undertaking.”