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Nongfu Spring Becomes LaLiga’s Official Drinking Water Supplier In China, LaLiga Join Up With Stonegate

January 20, 2020

LaLiga and Chinese drinks brand Nongfu Spring have reached an agreement for the company to become the official supplier of drinking water for the Spanish competition in China for the current season.

LaLiga is now connected to one of the market leaders in the Asian country, further strengthening its bid to expand through agreements and collaborations with reputable local companies.

“This agreement with Nongfu Spring allows us to take another step forward in our relationship with brands and the Chinese public. Linking LaLiga with products consumed by millions is certainly fantastic news for our company and our clubs,” said Sergi Torrents, LaLiga’s country manager for China.

“The agreement will definitely expand our brand presence and influence among sports fans. Football is young and passionate, hence we believe the alliance will bring Nongfu Spring closer to younger customers. We want to bring our passion and enthusiasm to fans and build an intimate relationship with them,” a principal of Nongfu Spring stated.

Besides Nongfu Spring mineral water, which is its main product, the Hangzhou company also markets other brands, such as Farmer’s Orchard, Victory, Oriental Leaf and Whisked Milk Tea, which have reached every region of China.

LaLiga have also confirmed that LaLiga TV will be shown in Stonegate Pubs across the UK following a new agreement signed with the company.

China LaLiga LaLiga TV Nongfu Spring Stonegate Pubs