Nivea Men Signs FXFL Sponsorship Deal

By Community | October 24, 2014

The Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL) has reached a new multi-year sponsorship agreement with Nivea Men.

Nivea joins Adidas as the initial corporate sponsors of the FXFL and will serve as the presenting sponsor for the league.

“Landing a partner like Nivea is a great start for us,” said Commissioner Brian Woods.

Nivea Men will have its branding placed on the field of play, the goalposts, jerseys, helmets, and towels. Nivea Men will headline FXFL halftime shows, sample their products during games, and all FXFL players will receive Nivea products.

Nivea Men will also sponsor the league’s MVP award, place advertisements on FXFL broadcasts, and will be part of a planned reality show about the league.

The deal follows FXFL signing a broadcast deal with ESPN