Nissan Continues to Sponsor Heisman Trophy Trust

January 10, 2012

Nissan North America have extended and broadened its partnership with the Heisman Trophy Trust, the group charged with handinh out the sport’s most popular individual award.

Nissan’s deal with the Heisman Trophy Trust will now run through 2016, and the company will be the exclusive “Premier Partner” of the award.

Under the new agreement, Nissan will continue helping the trust in its charitable endeavors while also promoting the Heisman via an exclusive Heisman Trophy Tour, consumer sweepstakes, social media and online activities, among other avenues.

Nissan aired a series of “Heisman House” commercials this past football season. These spots included 11 former Heisman winners, as well as the trophy itself.

Jon Brancheau, Nissan North America’s vice president of marketing, said: “The Heisman Trophy, since it was first awarded in 1935, has recognized the top performers in college football. As a company that prides itself in delivering innovation and performance for all, it’s a natural association.

“The fan response to our Heisman-related activities, from the Heisman House commercials to the annual Heisman Trophy Tour and awards sweepstakes, has been tremendous. We look forward to expanding these programs — and adding new ones — in the next five years.”

Heisman trustee Bill Dockery added: “The Heisman Trophy Trust is pleased and proud to extend and expand its long term successful relationship with a quality partner like Nissan. Nissan’s continued support aids the Trust in fulfilling its charitable mission to provide opportunities for underserved and disadvantaged youth of our country and returning military service personnel.”