Nimbus to market the World Series Hockey in India

July 22, 2011

Nimbus Sport who is The Indian Hockey Federation’s marketing partner will be investing close to Rs 1.25 billion for the inaugural World Series Hockey which includes player’s salaries, marketing and staging of the tournament among others.

On-ground sponsorships and telecast rights as well as through sale of franchises will recover the investment that will be put forward..

“We believe by the time tournament starts our investment will be in the region of $US 28 million will be put together but we will recoup a major portion of that from sponsors, broadcasters and franchises and over a period of time hopefully make some money,” Nimbus Communications chairman Harish Thawani Thursday told reporters.

He also informed that four franchises on an invitation-basis have already joined hands with two of them signing formal franchisee contracts while, the remaining four franchises will be selected through tendering process.

The names of the franchises, Thawani said, would be announced only after a broadcast partner has been finalised.

“The invited franchises hands have been shaken and in fact two have already signed contracts, let me not steal their thunder they will make separate announcements each week down the road.

“The process we are following is that in August we want to sign-up broadcasters there are four interested broadcasters, we will run a competitive deal for who gives the best deal for the World Series Hockey.

“Once we conclude that then we will announce the franchises as we have mentioned the first four franchises will be by invitation and the next four by competitive process,” Thawani added.

“The investment made by the organisers and franchises in developing affinity programmes for the respective teams plays a big role in any league and as you can see six months before the tournament we have launched the website today, the Facebook presence and the series of initiative that will be unfolded, these will help us develop affinity,” Thawani averred.

“Six months ahead of the tournament the captains have been announced because obviously superstar personalities that help in people following their games so there will be a 360 degree marketing campaign both for World Series Hockey as well as the franchises and the superstar players.