Nike President Changes Name of Joe Paterno Child Development Center Due to Sex Scandal

By Community | July 12, 2012

Mark Parker, CEO and President of Nike has decided to change the name of the Joe Paterno Child Development Center, a child care facility at the company’s headquarters due to his association in the child sex scandal surrounding Penn State.

Joe Paterno, who was the head coach of Penn State college football for a period of 46 years, is closely affiliated with the child sex scandal that broke late last year.

“I have been deeply saddened by the news coming out of this investigation at Penn State. It is a terrible tragedy that children were unprotected from such abhorrent crimes.   With the findings released today, I have decided to change the name of our child care center at our World Headquarters. My thoughts are with the victims and the Penn State community,” said Parker.

Nike founder Phil Knight, who defended Paterno at the coach’s memorial service, says ”it appears Joe made missteps that led to heartbreaking consequences.”