Niall Quinn Steps Down as Sunderland Chairman Owner Takes his Place

October 4, 2011

Niall Quinn has left his job as chairman of Sunderland to focus on a new role at the English Premier League club with the club’s owner Ellis Short taking over his previous position.

Quinn, will “spearhead international development on behalf of the club” while owner Ellis Short takes over as chairman. Quinn insisted that the new role at Sunderland represented “a great opportunity for us to make the club stronger”. Quinn told the club’s official website: “I’m delighted that Ellis has agreed to support the plan. He’ll be a fantastic chairman and taking this role on speaks volumes about his ambition for the club.”

American Short, who acquired a 100% stake in the club in May 2009, said: “I can assure our fans that it’s the same group of people continuing to lead the club. With financial fair play rules coming into effect it is essential for the long-term success of the club that we develop interests on a global scale and there’s no-one better than Niall to sell the ethos of Sunderland to an international audience. He has been keen to drive this change for some time and I agree that it’s the way forward for us now.”

Sunderland CEO Margaret Byrne added: “Niall is widely known and hugely respected throughout the world of football. His profile, coupled with his vast knowledge of the game and the business, means he is perfectly placed to bring Sunderland to the forefront internationally. Trips to territories such as Vietnam, India, Abu Dhabi and Africa are taking place in the coming months.”