NHL’s Jamie McBain Becomes Ambassador to H2O Overdrive

February 9, 2012

Innovative Health Solutions, health LLC (IHS), makers of H2O Overdrive™ and H2O Overdrive Hydrate™, announced today that NHL player, Jamie McBain, current defenseman for the Carolina Hurricanes, has signed on with H2O Overdrive as an athlete ambassador.

“Performance is always on my mind,” said McBain. “H2O Overdrive is a great way to make sure I am performing at my peak. It is a great tasting drink that actually helps me when I am holding up some of these bigger and stronger guys in the corners.”

McBain has been with the Carolina Hurricanes since 2009 and will play his third NHL season this year. His game-day routine is simple — before he puts on his gear, he likes to sit on the bench and mentally prepare.

“During the game, I try to keep myself completely hydrated between periods,” said McBain. “H2O Overdrive helps me do that.”

H2O Overdrive™ is pleased to have McBain as an athlete ambassador.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Jamie McBain. He is an exemplary athlete and we are excited that he chose H2O Overdrive,” said Randy Olshen, Co-Founder of IHS.

McBain will join over 100 athlete ambassadors currently supporting H2O Overdrive™.

“Our athletes not only love the taste of H2O Overdrive, they love the targeted physiological benefits that it delivers,” said Terry Giles, Co-Founder and Developer of H2O Overdrive.

“We designed H2O Overdrive as our professional formula specifically for our athletes,” Giles said. “It has a scientifically developed formula of over 30 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, complex carbohydrates and a balanced electrolyte matrix designed to ensure hydration at the intracellular level and it contains only three grams of sugar (1/10 the amount of sugar in other sports beverages).

“Our other formula, H2O Overdrive Hydrate, was designed to meet the hydration needs for a wider range of active individuals and athletes of any age,” he said.

H2O Overdrive Hydrate™ has zero grams of sugar and delivers the same balanced electrolyte matrix and 3 grams of 100% whey protein isolate, 9 grams of complex carbohydrates and over 30 vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential to hydration, energy, stamina, performance and recovery.

by Ismail Uddin