NHL Partner with GoPro

By Community | October 1, 2014

The National Hockey League (NHL) has partnered with point of view camera maker GoPro for the upcoming season. 

While players won’t have GoPro cameras attached to their helmets during games just yet, the league will use previously recorded footage in promotional campaigns and during broadcasts.

Some of the NHL’s best players donned GoPro cameras during a media event at Prudential Center in Newark. The plan is to use the POV footage from that day whenever one of those players scores in order to better illustrate the skill required.

“The (technology) demystifies our game, and truly shows what skill our players have,” NHL CMO Brian Jennings told Adweek.

Rangers netminder Henrik Lundqvist believes the new partnership will be embraced by fans.

“It can definitely help the game become even more interesting for the viewer, no question,” he said.