NFL’s Third Refund Pledge of USD5,000 to Unseated Fans

February 16, 2011

The National Football League (NFL) have been enforced into a third offer of compensation to those fans who were not seated at this month’s Super Bowl. Having offered to refund tickets to triple their face value, many of the upset supporters were unsatisfied.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has offered a new option to the 400 fans who were denied seats at the showpiece event and now intends to offer them US$5,000 or more as compensation.

In an emailed statement to the unhappy spectators, Goodell stated that he would offer $5,000 “or the total of their verified expenses for Super Bowl XLV, whichever is greater.”

In previous attempts to compensate those involved the NFL offered $2,400 plus a free ticket to Super Bowl XLVI or a ticket to a future Super Bowl with airfare and accommodations.