NFL’s Montell Owens Partners with Leading Health Products Company

By Community | July 23, 2012

Vega, viagra cheap | the leading plant-based, natural health and performance products company, announces the addition of NFL running back Montell Owens to its Ambassador Program.

Regarded as one of the NFL’s top special teams players, Montell has shown great strength and versatility on the field. He has also learned how to maintain a high level of energy as a vegetarian athlete, and thanks to Brendan Brazier, performance nutrition expert and fellow Vega ambassador, Montell has embraced Vega’s products as a part of his plant-based lifestyle.

Montell was first introduced to vegetarianism by his wife, Lisa, who urged him to read Brendan’s best-selling book Thrive. As Montell began to realize how much nutrition affected his performance, he agreed that a plant-based diet would help him reach his professional goals and has been using Vega as part of his training regimen ever since. Because football requires speed, agility, power and endurance, Montell keeps his training intense and his diet purposeful with clean nutrition.

Not only does Montell Owens hold the Jacksonville Jaguars record for longest active game streak, he was also voted to the Pro Bowl in 2010, making franchise history as the first special teamer to receive the honor. He is an inspirational role model for many young men in the NFL as well as members of the local community. Having participated in numerous high school camps and church programs, Montell is an athlete who is passionate about his work and wants to share it with others.

“I’m excited that more and more elite athletes are incorporating plant-based, whole foods into their training routines,” comments Brendan. “I have enjoyed working with Montell over the years and can’t wait to watch him achieve even more success in the future. The Vega Ambassador Program is gaining an extraordinary advocate.”