NFL’s Michael Vick Starts New Clothing Line

July 11, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has decided to start a new business venture in the fashion industry.

Vick will be launching a sports clothing line called V7 that will be sold exclusively at East Coast sporting goods shop Modell’s.

Since Michael Vick’s release from federal prison, tadalafil in which he served eighteen months for being convicted of funding a dog-fighting operation, drug he has continually been looking to repair his public image.  Vick signed a reported $100 million contract with the Eagles before the beginning of the 2011 season and now is a newlywed.  Michael married his longtime fiancee Kijafa Frink a couple weeks ago. On top of his hefty NFL salary and new marriage, Michael Vick has re-signed with Nike and will now endorse products from the MusclePharm Corporation.

Michael Vick’s clothing line has been labeled “technical athletic apparel”, similar to the likes of the juggernaut sports apparel company Under Armor.  Even though specifics were not given, part of V7?s sales proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia.  Vick’s goodwill has extended to actively speaking out against animal cruelty.

Michael Vick’s financial situation was in dire straits when released from prison.  It seems Vick has rebounded well to clear his way out of substantial debt.