NFL to Remove Payment Ceiling in Concussion Cases

By iSportconnect | June 26, 2014

The National Football League (NFL) will remove the ceiling cap it has on proposed damages that are payable to former players who develop neurological illness through concussion.

The NFL has been accused of failing to educate players about the dangers of concussion in the sport by approximately 5, ampoule 000 ex-players.

Judge Anita Brody rejected the NFL’s original proposal of US$675m for cash payout as a part of a $765m package back in January. She said she was sceptical as to whether the amount was enough over a settlement that should last for 65 years.

NFL senior vice-president Anastasia Dania said: “Today’s agreement reaffirms the NFL’s commitment to provide help to those retired players and their families who are in need, and to do so without the delay, expense and emotional cost associated with protracted litigation.

“We are eager to move forward with the process of court approval and implementation of the settlement.”

Co-Lead plaintiff Christopher Seeger told ESPN: “Continuing to litigate against the NFL is a long and uncertain road that can take them many years and ultimately leave retired players with nothing at all.

“No one should take lightly any decision to abandon the benefits provided by this agreement.”

The revised settlement will retain a payout structure which takes into account the former players age and illness.

For example, a 50-year old with Alzheimer’s would receive $1.6m, a younger retiree with Lou Gehrig’s could get $5m and an 80-year old with dementia would receive $25,000.

Another aspect of the new deal would allow the NFL to appeal an unlimited amount of clamis instead of the 10 that is currently stipulated.

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