NFL to Continue with Three Game London Strategy Heading into 2015

October 27, 2014

The National Football League (NFL) are set to continue their strategy of playing three regular season games in London for 2015, NFL UK managing director Alistair Kirkwood has revealed.

Wembley has already staged two regular season games this season with one more to go next month. The latest game was yesterday where Detroit Lions defeated the Atlanta Falcons 22-21 in a nail biter.

Wembley will again host three games next year but two games may be back to back. 

“We are going to do three games next year, and looking at staging two games back to back in successive weeks to test this support base,” Kirkwood told BBC World Service.

“There are some logistic reasons around the Rugby World Cup that means we won’t be going to four or five.”

In recent weeks Mark Waller, the Executive Vice President International of NFL, revealed that they were in the midst of a 15-year plan to bring the NFl to the UK as a franchise. 

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