NFL Might Expand to 34 Teams if LA Franchise is Established says Goodell

February 5, 2012

Commissioner Roger Goodell has speculated that if the NFL puts a team in Los Angeles, it will probably lead to the league expanding to 34 franchises.

Appearing Thursday night on “Costas Live” on NBC Sports Network, Goodell said the league “doesn’t want to move any of our teams.”

“We probably don’t want to go to 33” teams by adding just one new club if a suitable stadium is built in the Los Angeles area, Goodell said.

Instead, the league would consider adding two. An odd number of teams would pose scheduling problems, including at least one club being off each week, and would create one division with five teams.

On Friday, speaking during his annual pre-Super Bowl news conference, Goodell said the NFL has not considered expansion, nor did it have immediate plans to.

“We would like to be back in Los Angeles if we can do it correctly,” Goodell said.

There has been speculation a Los Angeles stadium could house two NFL franchises, although Goodell did not address that with show host Bob Costas on Thursday.

Goodell says there are several issues that must be solved in the city, particularly which of two current stadium proposals is best. He didn’t suggest any timetable for returning to Southern California.