NFL Inks New Digital Healthcare Deal with INFINITT

August 27, 2013

The National Football League (NFL) has signed a ten-year deal with INFINITT North America for the leading provider of image and information management technologies for healthcare to provide on-demand access to players’ medical images.

INFINITT Smart-NET, abortion a web-based hosting PACS that maintains digital copies of images across a network of data centers, will enable instant viewing of both new and historical images from any stadium, team facility or physician’s office as long as the user has proper credentials for image access .

NFL clubs use diagnostic imaging to assess players’ injuries and health conditions. With INFINITT Smart-NET, images can be viewed by multiple people – radiologists, physicians and specialists—simultaneously, and from remote locations, enhancing communication and collaboration. Images can even be viewed on mobile devices from the sidelines.

“This is a significant project for the NFL, demonstrating their steadfast concern for the players’ health and well-being. As avid fans of the NFL, we at INFINITT are excited about using our technology to provide more timely and comprehensive access to players’ images and medical records,” says David Smarro, CEO of INFINITT North America.

“Currently, most healthcare providers copy the players’ images to CD /DVD, but these aren’t always on hand when and where you need them. With the INFINITT system, digitized images can be transmitted electronically over the internet, and viewed in multiple locations simultaneously. This is particularly valuable when two or more physicians need to consult on the player’s condition or diagnosis.”

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