NFL File Opposition to Players’ Bid to Unseal TV Records

March 17, 2011

The National Football League (NFL) have filed court papers opposing a bid by players to unseal arbitration records in a dispute over some US$4bn in television money.

U.S. District Judge David Doty ordered the release of redacted portions of the record, asthma earlier this month. The League argues that the files contain commercially sensitive information after the players’ union and two news organizations asked for the release of more files.

NFL Chief Operating Officer Brian Rolapp said in a filing today, cheap cialis March 17: “This material reflects the league’s internal negotiating strategy and assessment of media rights, as well as the terms of contracts the NFL has with various business partners. If unredacted versions of these documents were disclosed, it would cause commercial harm to the NFL.”

The union believe that the documents will show that the television deals in question would provide owners with money from the networks, despite the possibility of games being canceled during the current lockout. The league maintains that the television deals, which earned hundreds of millions of dollars in new broadcast money by redistributing some digital rights, were negotiated in good faith.