NFL Considering Axing Pro Bowl

February 6, 2012

The much maligned Pro Bowl, NFL’s answer to an allstar game is in jeopardy after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said changes had to be made to the event, even dropping the game altogether.

The comments came about after Goodell was dissapointed by the quality displayed at the event. The event has always been considered an exhibition but the lack of interest from fans brought on from the lacklustre efforts of the players in the game has started to concern the NFL.

Even the introduction of tweeting during the game failed to spark enough interest to satisfy the NFL chiefs.

Speaking on ESPN Radio, Goodell says this year’s Pro Bowl wasn’t “the kind of football we want to be demonstrating to our fans, and you heard it from the fans, the fans were actively booing in the stands.”

Goodell made his remarks on Sunday, hours before the start of the Super Bowl.

Goodell has spoken to the NFL Players Association about his disappointment, adding, “We are going to either have to improve the quality of what we are doing in the Pro Bowl or consider other changes, or even consider eliminating the game if that is the kind of quality of game we are going to provide.”

The AFC won this years game 59-41.