NFL confident new season will procede

August 1, 2011

A bargaining agreement is closer for the NFL and the players.
An email was sent to the associated press by league spokesman Greg Aiello. “The NFL and NFLPA staffs have been working for the past few days on the final details of the new CBA, ed
No announcement as yet has been made by the NFLPA however sources close to negotiations confirmed to the Associated Press that The NFL Players Association has already re-established itself as a union.
The NFL has been in out for four and a half months and re-establishing the union was a key step needed to finish a CBA (collective bargaining agreement)..It was necessary to form a union as they can negotiate items such as drug testing, player conduct policy and disability and pension programs.
For the lockout to remain lifted and the season to proceed, those issues must be resolved and a full CBA completed by Thursday, a deadline both sides are confident will be met.