NFL CBA Discussions Cancelled Due to ‘Lack of Progress’

February 11, 2011

A new development, or lack there of, has occured with regards to the National Football League (NFL) and the league’s Player’s Association (NFLPA) collective bargaining agreement (CBA) discussions.

Progress toward getting a new labour deal completed before the current CBA expires on March 4 appear to have stalled, as a decision was made following talks on Febraury 9’s bargaining session, to cancel scheduled talks for yesterday, February 10.

One source said that today’s session between the NFL and NFLPA was canceled due to lack of progress though NFLPA officials did not respond to multiple phone calls and e-mails.

NFL Senior VP/PR Greg Aiello declined to answer questions about the negotiations, saying: “We are not confirming, denying or commenting on CBA meetings”

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reported both sides “thought that this week could maybe build some momentum and start hacking away at certain issues,” but added that the two parties are currently “at a loggerhead.”

He added: “It’s not as if they won’t talk in the future though. They do still have other meetings scheduled, they do still hope to make progress on a CBA and at some point establish the kind of momentum hour after hour, day after day that it will take to strike a deal.”