News Corp Acquires Online Premier League Rights in Japan, Vietnam & Indonesia

August 12, 2013

News Corp has acquired the rights to show online digital clips of the Premier League in Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The three-year deal comes at a time when News Corp have launched their new internet and mobile products, which are the firm’s first products since they separated from 21st Century Fox Inc. in July.

News Corp also struck similar deals in the same regions to include the Bundesliga, Lique 1, Serie A and the FA Cup, Championship and Capital One Cup in England.

The Brazilian Championship and Major League Soccer (MLS) were the other competitions News Corp secured.

Robert Thomson, News Corp CEO said: “It is pretty significant for the new News Corp. We’re making it mobile oriented, it’s not newspapers.”

News Corp has been investing in its sports digital portfolio and bought the rights to show online clips from England’s top fight to push the subscription figures of its British newspapers such as The Sun.