Newbury Racecourse Unveils Rebrand

By Community | October 27, 2014

Newbury Racecourse announced today that it will be moving forward under the ‘Newbury Racecourse’ brand and discontinuing use of ‘The Racecourse Newbury’.

Julian Thick, order CEO of Newbury Racecourse, capsule said: “As we embark on an important chapter in our history, pills I am pleased that we will be doing so under the banner of Newbury Racecourse. The business is performing well and with the redevelopment now well underway, I am confident about the future.”   

He added: “The Racecourse Newbury name was part of a wider project to wrap up all the elements of the site here, and whilst there was solid logic behind it as an over-arching brand, it has not proved popular with our customers and other stakeholder groups, so we have made the decision to use Newbury Racecourse from now on.”

Whilst some elements of the rebranding to Newbury Racecourse have been completed already, the whole change-over on site will take place on a gradual basis over the next few months.