New Orleans Hornets Deploy Array’s DesktopDirect in HQ

By Community | August 6, 2012

Array Networks Inc., pilule a global leader in application, medic desktop and cloud service delivery, ailment today announced that the New Orleans Hornets have deployed Array’s DesktopDirect remote desktop appliance solution in their headquarters office.

The NBA team uses the Array solution to enable agents, scouts, sales personnel and other field staff to lighten their load by moving to tablets while at the same time having access to information and applications needed for their jobs.

The Hornets chose DesktopDirect to make employees productive on iPads from any location. Because employees work long hours and often on nights and weekends due to games and other events, they need a solution that is highly portable and can be used anywhere at any time.

In addition to enhancing employee productivity, the Hornets chose Array’s remote desktop appliance to avoid the security risks of traditional VPNs and the cost of purchasing and managing laptops and security hardware and software. Using DesktopDirect, access to office resources such as physical desktops, virtual desktops and terminal services can be enabled from any smart phone or tablet without the risk of data leaving the corporate network or residing on mobile devices.

“Our employees have definitely been wowed by the DesktopDirect solution and love it for the simple reasons that it allows them to get out of the office, and because they can finally use their iPads for business,” said Tod Caflisch, vice president of IT for the New Orleans Hornets. “It’s a really great solution that gives the team the best of both worlds – security and productivity. It also gives me the flexibility of mobilizing terminal server and virtualized applications as the economics of these solutions improve in the coming years.”

“We are proud to enable secure remote access and mobility for an exciting franchise such as the New Orleans Hornets,” said Lior Rapaport, vice president of Mobility for Array Networks. “With so many employees on the road, in so many different capacities, the Hornets are a fantastic example of the capability and the value of our DesktopDirect solution. I look forward to maintaining our partnership, solving future mobility challenges and leveraging DesktopDirect to create event greater value for the Hornets organization.”