New Orleans Hornet Inks Data Protection Deal with Venyu

November 1, 2012

Venyu, a leading provider of business continuity, cloud-based virtualization and battle-tested data recovery solutions, today announced the New Orleans Hornets as their newest customer protecting critical data leveraging a replicated hotsite created by Venyu.

Leveraging Venyu’s backup portfolio, the Hornets now have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to guard against data loss.

“When people think of protecting business-critical data, basketball isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind,” said Tod Caflisch, Vice President of IT at the New Orleans Hornets. “However, protection of data is critical to the survival of our organization — it’s data that drives our business.”

For the organization, collecting and storing information is essential to the day-to-day operations of the business. In addition to the standard e-mail and files, data is used for team logs and scouting materials as well as the real-time funneling of player statistics to various websites.

“We always have to keep the data going,” continued Caflisch. “Whether it’s providing real-time statistics of player performance during the game or dynamically communicating video for scouting, we’d be lost if we didn’t have the right plan in place to backup this critical information.”

The team was initially faced with gaps in their business continuity plan and backed up their data via tape. They soon found that tape didn’t provide the peace-of-mind that information could be recovered quickly in the event of an IT outage.

Caflisch continued, “Tape just wasn’t doing it. Sure we had backup, but we didn’t have a business continuity plan in place to recover the needed data if there was a serious problem. More specifically, if we couldn’t get in the building because of a natural disaster, I’d have no way of initiating recovery.”

Companies such as the New Orleans Hornets leverage Venyu’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions to ensure rapid data recovery in the time of disaster or IT disruptions. The tested business continuity and disaster recovery platform replicates all data and systems in Venyu’s secure data centers. This hotsite enables quick and efficient failover of primary systems in the event of disaster.

“At Venyu, protecting data is what we do. Our customers need to know their key information is protected in the event of an outage or disaster. Time and again, we’ve proven to be the market’s ‘go-to’ solution to keep businesses running,” said Scott Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Venyu.

With the Venyu system in place, the team was able to more effectively implement a solid business continuity growth path. Moving forward, the team is planning on transitioning more systems to Venyu. Caflisch estimates the move could potentially save them as much as several hundred thousand dollars: “Venyu is a great group with an outstanding business continuity offering. With a proven ability to protect our core data; we definitely plan to stick with them.”