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New Fantasy Betting Platform Launches For UK

May 15, 2018

A new fantasy pools betting platform has been launched, aiming to give traditional bookmakers a run for their money.

Developed by Snack-Gaming, ‘5p0rtz’ allows players to place lower stakes with a greater chance of winning much larger jackpots.

Backed by a UK-based consortium, ‘5p0rtz’ is to offer a £1M ($1.3M) freerole football World Cup game starting later this month.

It’s hoped the betting platform will become the UK’s market leader in fantasy sports by 2019.

Snack-Gaming Co-Founder, Rupert Pratt, commented: “Developing a live fantasy pools betting product is complex and it’s been fantastic to take a unique concept and idea through to design, full enterprise development and build.”

Betting Fantasy Sports Games