New England Patriots Ochocinco Signs Deal with Nutritional Supplement Company

October 25, 2011

MusclePharm Corporation, an expanding U.S. nutritional supplement company, has agreed a one-year sponsorship deal with NFL superstar and sports social media trendsetter Chad Ochocinco.

Currently a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, Ochocinco’s reach as a star player is among the greatest in professional sports.

A dynamic and colorful personality, Ochocinco is one of the most recognizable figures in the NFL. The six-time Pro Bowler has nearly three million Twitter followers (@Ochocinco), which ranks third among all athletes and first in the widely-popular NFL.

In addition, the outspoken Ochocinco has nearly two million Facebook fans.

By signing Ochocinco to a one-year deal, it creates even more brand exposure for the MusclePharm sports nutritional company that continues to grow and expand at an incredible rate.

Regarded as one of the top sports nutrition companies in the industry with its award-winning physique and performance product line, MusclePharm’s association with Ochocinco is considered an ideal fit as it further strengthens its social media capabilities.

MusclePharm Senior President and Co-Founder Cory Gregory, said: “This is another exciting step for MusclePharm and we are thrilled to have Chad as part of the team. With his innovative and unique personality, he fits the MusclePharm brand perfectly. Chad’s impact on social media in the NFL is enormous and I know that he can add a great amount of exposure to the MusclePharm brand through social media as well.

“Like Chad, social media allows us to stay very close to our consumers and Chad gives us instant exposure to a massive audience. I am involved on a daily basis with our consumers on a social media level and we at MusclePharm have repeatedly seen the tremendous impact it can have for business.

“With all of our social media relationships, and that now includes Chad’s huge following, we can touch an audience of more than 14 million people. That truly is remarkable and just shows how powerful social media can be. With Chad coming on board at MusclePharm, our following in the social media world will only grow and we can’t wait to see what continues to come from that.”