New England Patriots, NBC & ESPN Get Advertising Revenue from Using Video Mic Flag at Super Bowl

February 2, 2012

The New England Patriots, NBC/Telemundo and ESPN have gained new advertising revenue at the Super Bowl following the introduction of the world’s first Video Mic Flag.

Broadcasters at the NFL Superbowl are joining the ranks of CBS, CNET, ABC, FOX, CNN and Bloomberg by using Video Mic Flag. Telemundo.Through this ESPN, NBC and the Patriots are getting advertising revenue from major advertisers including Ford, Toyota, Subway, Gillette and Pepsi.

This is the same Video Mic Flag that was used at the NBA Finals broadcast by ESPN/ABC Sports. Now broadcasters are realizing the Video Mic Flag is bringing major advertisers to this amazing innovation.

New England Patriots: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Brian Waters, Jerod Mayo and even Mr. Robert Kraft himself have all used the Video Mic Flag with paid advertisers that include Subway, Toyota and Gillette.

The Video Mic Flag is the latest in innovations from leading Technology Manufacturer “The Recom Group.” This is the same company that introduced the World’s First Video Trading Cards for Superstars Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin by Panini America. States Rob Norden, CEO of Recom Group,

“The response has been tremendous. Our Video Mic Flag incorporates 3 to 4 OLED (Organic LED) Displays that can play continuously for 8 to 10 hours on a single battery charge. You can create multiple playlists at any time. We have created an entire new advertising medium that has unlimited potential.”

“In fact,” declares Norden, “this advertising space will be at an extreme premium as it’s part of the broadcast and not a commercial interruption. It’s simply a matter of creating the video logos or content that can be recognized by the viewer without detracting from the interview.” Norden notes that many broadcasters are also creating content that applies to the interview. “Yes, we have one client that is using it for celebrity interviews and showing the guest’s own movie trailer during the interview.”

The Video Mic Flag is part of the Video Name Tag group of products. The original Video Name Tag is an OLED display that you can wear to stand out or promote yourself like nothing you’ve ever experienced.