New England Patriots Gillette Stadium Acquire High Performance Wireless Network

October 19, 2011

Xirrus, for sale the leader in high-performance wireless networks, decease announced today that it has outfitted Gillette Stadium, allergy home of the National Football League’s (NFL) New England Patriots, with a wireless network that will serve its premium seating areas.

Club members in Gillette Stadium’s Putnam Club will now be able to access exclusive video content on their smart phones instantaneously on game days.

The 6,000 fans in the Putnam Club will be able to use the stadium’s new proprietary smart phone application to instantly view the NFL Network’s Red Zone channel, four exclusive camera angles—one on each sideline and one in each end zone—not available to network television viewers, a continuous loop of an instant replay of the previous play, highlights from earlier in the game and real-time statistics and information.

According to estimates from Gillette Stadium officials, up to one-third of Putnam Club guests will stream video content at any given time. With two identical Putnam Club locations soaring three stories high and covering a total of 120,000 square feet, Gillette Stadium required a first-class Wi-Fi solution that could deliver hardwire-caliber reliability at a great scale. The stadium chose Xirrus Wireless Arrays, which delivers unparalleled performance resulting in four times the coverage, eight times the bandwidth and eight times the capacity of a traditional wireless network.

Fred Kirsch, Patriots Vice President of Content, said: “We strive to provide a top-notch game day experience for our fans. Delivering high-quality video content to smart phones is part of our vision for providing a premium experience to fans in the Putnam Club, and Xirrus is helping to make that vision a reality.”

Steven Wastie, Chief Marketing Officer at Xirrus, added: “As the number of users of smart phones and other wireless devices grow, so does the demand for uninterrupted access to sophisticated content on those same gadgets. Football stadiums are just the type of large, densely-packed areas that are going to be challenged to fulfill this mandate from customers. Today, Gillette Stadium and Xirrus are both at the cutting edge of delivering on this promise.”