New British FIFA VP Tells FA to Move On After Bid Failure

June 14, 2011

Britain’s newly elected FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce has urged English soccer executives to “move on” from the disappointment of missing out on hosting the 2018 World Cup after he replaced Englishman Geoff Thompson at the recent June 1 Congress.

England’s Football Association (FA) led a late attempt to postpone Blatter’s re-coronation, but the move gained little support and was criticised by vociferous supporters of the incumbent chief.

Boyce told The Telegraph: “Some people think there is an element of arrogance among the English footballing family. I was disappointed when England was not awarded the World Cup but it’s time to get over it.

“I will obviously try to help them in any way I can (in the new role) but they need to move on from their disappointment at the World Cup bid. There seems to be an attitude that English football is owed something ever since ’66. That started to wear thin 20 years ago.”

He added: “We need to rebuild bridges and strengthen existing relations. I will be doing everything I can to help achieve that and will represent all four British nations.”