NBA’s Kevin Garnett to Get Shares in AS Roma

January 3, 2012

NBA star Kevin Garnett is set to acquire a limited share in Italian soccer club, Roma, according to the Associated Press.

The American-owned soccer team recently confirmed that the 35-year-old Boston Celtics star accepted an offer from James Pallotta, one of the four Boston executives who closed a deal in August to become the first foreign majority owners of a Serie A club.

Pallotta also is a minority owner of the Celtics.

Garnett is following in the footsteps of other NBA superstars who are putting their money in other sports.

Earlier this year, the Miami Heat’s LeBron James obtained a small stake in Liverpool from the Fenway Sports Group.

The Garnett and James deals are linked because new Roma President, Thomas DiBenedetto, is also a limited partner in the Fenway group, which owns the Boston Red Sox baseball team.