NBA and Players Union Adjourn for the Day Resume Today

September 27, 2011

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Negotiations between the National Basketball Association and its players union ended with no resolution and will continue today, both sides said after about two hours of talks.

The talks were held in a Manhattan hotel, New York where David Stern, NBA Commissioner, said: “We spent some quality time discussing concepts. Sometimes when you discuss concepts you want to go back and think about it.”

Owners of the league’s 30 teams and the union are negotiating how to split money from a league that had $4.3 billion in revenue last season. Stern says the teams collectively lost about $300 million. The NBA locked out its players when their labor contract expired July 1.

National Basketball Players Association President Derek Fisher refused to say whether any progress was made.

“We talked extensively in ideas and concepts,” Fisher said outside the hotel. “These are things that, if we can get into the range of, get into the zone of, than we can maybe put a deal together.”

The NBA on Sept. 23 postponed the start of training camps indefinitely and postponed 43 preseason games through Oct. 15, steering the situation towards a delay of the regular season scheduled for Nov. 1.