Nationale Suisse Renews Roger Federer Sponsorship

By Community | October 25, 2012

Roger Federer has maintained his association of Swiss insurance company Nationale Suisse after an extension six-year endorsement contract with Roger Federer for an additional four years. 

Federer commented that the insurance company was one of the first companies that believed in him and he is excited to continue to work with them and be part of their family for the years to come. 

The partnership between Nationale Suisse and Federer began 2007 and is more than just an ordinary advertising contract. For instance, prostate besides being used in TV, impotent print and digital advertising campaigns, order Roger Federer has also lent his name to the Nationale Suisse locomotive, which has been transporting passengers around Switzerland for a year now. For every kilometre traveled, Nationale Suisse makes a contribution to the Roger Federer Foundation which focuses most of its efforts on educational projects for children in Africa.