National Pro Tour Acquires All-American Tour

By Community | December 6, 2012

The National Pro Tour (NPT) positioned itself as the largest developmental tour on the West coast by acquiring the Arizona based All-American Tour.

The NPT is also currently working with other major tours in an effort to further consolidate the failing mini-tour system.

“By acquiring the All-American Tour, we clearly have the biggest and most impactful developmental tour in the country,” said National Pro Tour CEO/COO Dusty Dean. “Our players now have the opportunity to play professional golf year round while developing their games in pursuit of playing the PGA Tour.”

Will Cumberland, founder of the All-American Tour, stated that “When I started the All-American Tour four years ago, my dream was to provide professional golfers the opportunity to develop their games by playing great courses for better purses. It has become clear to me as Dusty Dean and I have worked together that Dusty has a clear understanding of why the current system does not work in the best interest of the players or the other tour owners. Dusty has an incredible vision of how to truly change this fragmented industry.”

The acquisition of the All-American Tour could not have come about at a better time for both the players of the NPT and All-American Tour. “As the new owner of the National Pro Tour, I made a commitment to pay the players the $1.2 million that was owed under the previous tour’s ownership,” said Dean. “Although it was not my debt, I wanted to send the players and the industry a message that we are changing the landscape of developmental tour golf and the players will be the direct beneficiaries of these changes.”

In 2013, NPT players will be competing for purses significantly larger than the amounts they are used to playing for in recent years under the old mini-tour model. “Our purse sizes will consistently range from $200,000 to $275,000 with all entries secured and all purses announced well before the start of each tournament,” said Dean.

In addition to larger purses, NPT’s 2013 tournaments will be conducted from Wednesday through Saturdays with practice rounds on Tuesday, thereby allowing the players to play in and PGA Tour Monday qualifiers. The 2013 schedule will also allow players participating on the PGA TOUR Canada the ability to fully participate on both tours so they can maximize their income while they continue the pursuit of their PGA Tour cards.

The acquisition of the All-American Tour is also bringing about many enhancements for the players, including an expanded schedule for 2013. Players who have previously signed up for the All-American Tour, the National Pro Tour or both tours will have all memberships honored and will receive special member nuances as the consolidation develops.

“In listening to our players, it was clear that drastic changes needed to be made for the health of this segment of the golf industry,” said Dean. “Our acquisition of the All-American Tour is a very important first step but we have much bigger plans which truly reflect the dreams of Will Cumberland. Joining our two tours allows Will’s vision to become a reality while providing our players the most exciting playing opportunities in the country.”

“This is an exciting time for our industry,” said Dean in response to the acquisition. “We are already reaching out and talking to other major tour owners to show them the power of this consolidated model and how it’s the only way to make it immediately better for our players. More changes will be announced in the near future in which both the players and other tour owners will benefit as our industry makes the necessary changes needed to truly flourish.”