The National Olympic Committees of Japan and Poland signs partnership

By Shantanu Srivastav | February 20, 2018

The National Olympic Committees (NOC) of Japan and Poland have signed an agreement in PyeongChang.

As part of the agreement, Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) will work with the Polish Olympic Committee (PKOI) to young athletes attain higher levels of achievement in the build-up to the 2020 Olympic Games, which are being staged Japan’s capital city of Tokyo.

JOC president Tsunekazu Takeda said: “This agreement concludes further deepening relations between the two countries in the sports field and we wish for the further development of the Olympic Movement.”

PKOI president Andrzej Kraśnicki said: “I hope that friendly relations through sport, between the two countries, will continue in the future. It is important for us to have the opportunity to share experiences among sports, sports teams, culture and staff.”