Napoli Sign Garofalo Pasta as Secondary Shirt Sponsor

July 17, 2014

Serie A team Napoli have announced that they have a new secondary sponsor for their shirts, Garofalo Pasta.

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis was delighted with the deal: “The brand Garofalo represents excellence in our area and is also a Neapolitan brand known throughout the world. I’ve always had desire to redeem the Neapolitan name, and with this union we want to sublimate a partnership that could represent the best of Naples and Napoli united in a great passion.”

Garofalo CEO Massimo Menna commented:: “I am very happy to be here today as a sponsor of a team that has always been in my heart. Garofalo is an established brand with a tradition of over two hundred years. After telling Naples with the first film and art then, today we choose to do it through sports. We chose the Naples Football is not just to have the logo on the jersey that we love and we are proud of, but because the world is our land and our cities “