Nanjing to Carefully Manage Youth Olympic Spending

By Community | September 4, 2012

China’s eastern city of Nanjing said that the city will be frugal in its approach to new venues as it prepares to host the Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014.

Nanjing Party Chief and the Games’ Organizing Committee Executive President, Yang Weize said the city spend carefully when adding new competition and training venues.

Yang said: “No new venues will be built if old ones can be renovated; no new facilities will be purchased if old ones can be repaired; no equipment will be bought if they can be rented, and they won’t be rented if they can be borrowed.”

Organizing Committee Deputy Secretary General, Liu Yi’an said 25 of the 34 competition and training venues will be renovated.

Five temporary venues will be disassembled or replaced after the Games end, and the four new locations will be opened to the public.

Nanjing has put forward a Games-related budget of RMB2billion ($315M), along with a financial supervision committee. {jcomments on}