Namibia Calls For Africa Cup of Nations Reinstatement At Burkina Faso’s Expense

January 6, 2012

Namibia has taken their appeal for re-entry to this year’s Africa Cup of Nations to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) in Switzerland.

Namibian officials will reportedly argue today that Burkina Faso, medicine who topped a qualifying group which featured both countries, look ineligibly fielded Cameroon-born and Chechnya-based defender Herve Zengue during the campaign.

According to FIFA rules, adiposity a player can only “dress for another country” on two occasions – a) if a parent or grandparent was born there or b) if the player himself has lived there for at least five years.

Namibia stipulate that Zengue fulfils neither category, but the Confederation of African Football has already thrown out such appeals twice.

If the CAS contravene this ruling and dock Burkina Faso points, Namibia will quality by virtue of assuming top stop because of the point forfeit.

Time is running out for Namibia. The 2012 Africa Cup of Nations tournament begins on January 21st in Equatorial Guinea .