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The Must-Have Ingredients Of Video Content Platform For Marketing

By Raflin Sarkisyan | December 12, 2018

If you were to compare the process of creating video content in 2018 against the rigorous, time-consuming and error-ridden system that was followed some 30 years ago, you’d gain a real appreciation of the technological advancement that divides the two.

In a welcomed move, the era of the cutting room has been firmly banished to the history books. Its replacement takes the form of advanced editing suites, fronted by intuitive dashboards, capable of turning raw footage into box-office productions at a rapid speed.

Technology providers have been quick to seize upon the opportunity created by formats like online video, whose viewing now consumes 67 minutes of the average person’s day. That growth in audience might explain why 72% of businesses invest in video content marketing, outscoring the uptake for blogs (69%), research (60%) and infographics (56%) among others.

It’s true that the race for users has led to video content marketing technology standing in a more advanced position compared to a decade ago. Yet, as we assess the market’s latest offerings, we have to wonder if every little feature is conducive to the end goal of creating better content.

We’re constantly informed that new trends will revolutionize the way video is produced and distributed. Whether each and every one adds genuine value is up for debate.

In fact, due to the sheer breadth of “must-have” solutions entering today’s market, choosing the right technology has never been more difficult. With the aim of shedding some light on the situation, and based on Wildmoka we’ve decided to present our two cents on what really matters when it comes to choosing a video marketing platform.

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