MP & Silva to Distribute Media Rights for Formula E Championship

April 18, 2013

MP & Silva have been selected to distribute the media rights of the FIA Formula E Championship.
The partnership forms part of a long-term commitment from both parties that will ensure a spectacular launch for its new city-centre electric racing FIA championship commencing in 2014.
The main focus of the new venture will centre on the distribution of the championship’s television rights both in terms of premium content and wider coverage. With an annual turnover of $350 million, the MP & Silva group already boasts an exemplary track record in distributing TV and media rights for some of the most prestigious sports events around the world including Europe’s top
leagues in football, FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Grand Slam tennis and motor racing. It currently provides over 10,000 hours of programming to over 200 broadcasters in 215 countries every year.
Over the coming 12 months, MP & Silva and Formula E will engage in a series of activities to instigate and promote the green benefits of the electric car racing to broadcasters and the media industry. To ensure the best possible broadcasting experience, state of the art technology and cameras will be used to capture the spectacular backdrop of the 10 street circuits worldwide – including London, Los Angeles, Beijing and Rio de Janeiro – where the Formula E races will take
place. Formula E Holdings and MP & Silva will also select a dedicated production company to bring Formula E action to fans around the globe.
Andrea Radrizzani, Group CEO of MP & Silva, commented: “We are very excited to work with Formula E right from the beginning of their media strategy. We are in a good position to advise them on the production content to make it a great TV show, targeting a fresh and young audience, who will want to see fast electric cars racing on city streets with less noise pollution. As media advisors, we are glad to bring our expertise to devise a strategy to increase Formula E sponsorship appeal and its media rights value. We will start talks with interested broadcasters now and a production tender will be sent out soon.”
Alejandro Agag, CEO of championship promoter Formula E Holdings, added: “FIA Formula E Championship and MP & Silva both share the same commitment to ensuring safety, innovative technology and sustainable mobility. We are confident that with their extensive experience they will distribute all the best Formula E action in a comprehensive and innovative manner to racing fans in homes all over the world.”