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On The Move: Latest Community Job Updates

November 7, 2019

Maikel Oettle has left his role as Vice-President of strategic partnerships at IMG to become AC Milan’s Head of Sponsorship Sales.

Lou Garate will be the Global Head of Sponsorship Sales at Twitch.

Kahlen Macaulay is Snap Inc’s Manager of International Sports Partnerships, he was previously Senior Manager, Digital Partnerships at the IOC.

Maik Matischak, who has left his role as Senior Director Communications – EMEA for the NBA, is now Head of European Sports and Partnerships at The Story Mob.

Sue Storey has taken up her position as CEO for Volleyball England.

Danny Lynch has become Head of Communications at the Irish Football Association.

Jose Garnes is the new Head of Content at SailGP, after being Senior Digital Producer at Sunset+Vine.

Karim Lahleh will be Marketing Rights Delivery Manager at FIFA.

Tim Dignard has become Coca Cola’s Global Sponsorship Manager – Olympics.

David Morgenbesser is now Servus TV’s Head of Sports Rights and Content Distribution.

Danny Paiser has joined IMG as VP Strategic Partnerships – Football.

Robert Faulkner is European Athletics new Head of Communications.

Pedro Belaunzarán is new Sponsorship Director of Mad Lions Esports Team.

Hugo Sharman has been announced as new Chief Executive of Stream AMG.

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AC Milan IMG iSportconnect NBA On The Move Twitch