Motorsport Network Signs Two-Year Data Deal With Tencent

June 3, 2020

Motorsport Network has agreed a two-year stats and results feed with Tencent via its Motorsport Stats business.

The agreement covers the current season, historical results and additional data for 11 different series. The motorsport dataset available will be made accessible to Tencent Sport users, across all touchpoints: website, apps, social media, and TV graphics.

Ewell Zhao, general manager of Tencent Sports, said: “Motor sports is one of the most technologically advanced sports, with a strong demand for data capabilities. Only through various professional data analysis, we can really enter the world of motor sports.” And added, “Motorsport Stats is a world-renowned motor sports data analysis company. Through the cooperation with Motorsport Stats, Tencent Sports will provide Chinese fans with deeper and comprehensive high-quality content services and fully demonstrate the charm of motor sports.”

Gustavo A Roche, SVP of Motorsport Network and Managing Director of Motorsport Stats, added: “Chinese fans will now be able to get closer to the sport and enjoy a richer experience; we are proud to feed Tencent Sport with our world-class data and stats service. Our technology captures and logs most of it, and the rest comes from our teams in the field: they live and breathe motorsport, spend their weekend at racetracks, that’s simply why we’re unbeatable in the vertical.”