MotoGP Sign Paddock Placement Agreement with Nivea for Men

June 7, 2011

MotoGP  has signed an agreement with NIVEA FOR MEN Spain, store to promote the brand’s products in public areas at various Grand Prix during the 2011 World Championship.

NIVEA FOR MEN products will be on offer to fans in the the MotoGP Paddock, thumb allowing attendees at GPs.

The partnership also offers NIVEA FOR MEN the opportunity to present its products within a sport that in 2010 attracted 2.4 million spectators to its 18 Grands Prix throughout the season.

Dorna Sports S.L Commercial Area Managing Director, pills Pau Serracanta, said: “We welcome NIVEA FOR MEN as it makes the move into MotoGP, a world in which 75% of spectators are male and one that therefore offers the perfect platform for NIVEA FOR MEN to present its grooming products for men to our audience.

“This agreement is fantastic news for both MotoGP and NIVEA FOR MEN, who will be able to get even closer to its potential consumer base. The values which underpin a sport as innovative and exciting as MotoGP apply perfectly to the brand philosophy of NIVEA FOR MEN.”

Remko Tetenburg, General Manager of Beiersdorf S.A., added: “NIVEA celebrates its 100th birthday this year and does so entering the world of MotoGP, the highest level of a spectacular sport which provides the perfect target area for its existing consumers as well as those it wants to attract. MotoGP reinforces values such as strength and sensitivity, and they fit perfectly with the philosophy of our products.”